Museum Yad Vashem (Jerusalem)
Yad Vashem is the Jewish people’s memorial to the murdered Six Million and symbolizes
the ongoing confrontation with the rupture engendered by the Holocaust

Ralli Museum (Caesarea)
The Ralli Museum purpose is to draw attention of the public at large to the quality
of contemporary Latin-American art by living artists.

Israel Museum (Jerusalem)
The Israel Museum today has, in a relatively short time, achieved world class status
with collections ranging from prehistoric archaeology through contemporary art

Ben-Gurion's Desert home (Sede Boker)
Ben-Gurion's home illustrates the life-style of a man whose personal example
symbolized the genius of leadership

Chagall Windows (Jerusalem)
The Windows represents the 12 sons of the Patriarch Jacob, from whom
came the Twelve Tribes of Israel

Museum of Islamic Art (Jerusalem)
The Museum, an architectural jewel in the center of Jerusalem, comprises nine
galleries staged in chronological order

Armenian Museum (Jerusalem)
The collection depicts the lives, achievements and history of the
Armenian community in Jerusalem
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Beth Hatefutsoth (Tel Aviv)
Beth Hatefutsoth or Diaspora Museum tells us the story of the
Jewish People in the Diaspora

Eretz Israel Museum (Tel Aviv)
A multidisciplinary museum that depicts the history and
culture of the Land of Israel

Tower of David (Jerusalem)
The museum allows the visitor to revisit
Jerusalem's history and to leave the citadel with a clear overview of the city's past

Museum on the Seam
Museum on the Seam is a socio-political contemporary art museum, located in Jerusalem.The Museum raises diverse issues for discussion with the goal of having an impact on public dialogue within a complex reality.