Khirbet Harithiya, Geva, Geva-Parashim

A 5th century oil press on road 6953 (400m before junction Yoqneam-Megiddo).

The Survey of Western Palestine (1871-1877) named the site
El Harithiyeh (1871-1877);
In the British Mandate map (1940) we find it as Kh. el Harithiya.
El-Harithiyeh is identified with Harosheth, or Harosheth ha Gojim -"the smithy of the nations".
It was here that Jabin's iron war-chariots, armed with scythes, were made.
It was the residence of Sisera, (Judges 4:2).

It is also called Gaba, Gibea, Geva-Parashim (Hebrew for "horsemen").
In "the War of the Jews, Book III, Chapter 3" Flavius Josephus described Gaba:
"…which is called the City of Horsemen, because those horsemen that were dismissed by Herod the king dwelt therein"
and he mentioned it as a Herodian site in his history of the Jews' Great Revolt against Rome in 66 CE.
The city was probably given to Herod by Augustus in 30BCE after his victory over Marc Anthony and Cleopatra.

Today the city is in ruin and on top of it is Kibbutz Shaar Haamakim.

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