Neve Tzedek, Tel Aviv

The first Jewish neighborhood built outside of Jaffa.

Neve Tzedek was built in the end of the 19th century as a Jewish neighborhood for the people who wanted to move out of Jaffa.
This is the first Jewish neighborhood built outside of Jaffa and the city of Tel Aviv evolved from this neighborhood.
Today it is the city’s most chic area and very popular among Israeli artists and yuppies with many restaurants and galleries e.g. Rokach House, built in 1887, the former home of Shimon Rokach, the head of the community, now a gallery and museum of the early days of the neighborhood. The house features the sculpture and paintings of Lea Majaro Mintz Shimon Rokach’s granddaughter who restored the house.

Another museum is the Nachum Gutman Museum, devoted to his work and life.

In the same direction is the the Suzanne Dellal Centre, established in 1989 the middle of a historical, yet neglected neighborhood, on the ruins of the Aliance School for boys and the Yechiely School for girls.
Suzanne Dellal Centre is home for Israel’s national dance company – The Bat Sheva Dance Company and The Bat Sheva Ensemble, home for The Orna Porat Children and Youth Theatre and home for all of Israel’s dance artists and creators. It is also a host for the most unique performances in town.

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