The Tzemah (Samakh) Railway Station (Jezreel Valley railway)

Semakh Station was the most important middle station on the original line between Haifa and Daraa in Syria.
During most of the British Mandate era the station served as a railway border between the region of the French Mandate in Syria and the British region in Palestine.

The Tzemah Railway Station Israel in photos
The two-storey building from the Ottoman period, with a tiled roof, is similar to most of the railway station buildings of the Hejaz Railway.

The Tzemah (Samakh) Railway Station (Jezreel Valley railway)
The Silicate Building (built during the British period out of silicate bricks)

Water Tower

The water tower is one of the first buildings constructed in the station.
Two metal tanks connected to one another were placed on top of the tower, and were filled with water from Lake Kinneret (the Sea of Galilee).