Old Jaffa Travel Guide

Today we turned back in time to the periods when Jaffa experienced many vicissitudes of government.
The Mamluks conquered the city as well as Richard the Lionheart, and also the Crusaders and Napoleon, who left his cannons behind when the French army retreated.
Afterwards, the Turks ruled Jaffa for a long time and built the wall that surrounded the city.
We entered the Old City through one of the city wall's gates to explore the alleys of Jaffa and learn about the unique construction of the old houses. We passed by buildings that were the center of the Turkish government and other interesting places, such as the clock tower that was built in early 20th century, and Mahmud Mosque that is considered the third most important mosque in Israel. We entered the Franciscan church that is named after St. Peter and the visitor center which exhibits the history of the city. It was also interesting to take a walk in the Artists’ Quarter, to see and experience the artists' work and hear the explanations of their work.