Jerusalem: City, Holy and Eternal (Commemoration of 3,000 Year Anniversary)

Jerusalem City, Holy and Eternal, contains the story of the Holy City, in words and photos, published in commemoration of the city's Trimillenial (3,000 Years) Anniversary, with an introduction by Salo W. Baron. It is being published in an attempt to convey to the American people the grandeur, the historic background and the antiquity of the Holy City. Includes chapters on Historical Jerusalem, a copper engraving of Jerusalem, and 56 picture plates of scenes in Jerusalem, many of them taken from the British Museum, and the Queen's Stationary Office. Beautiful imagery of the city and its people. Text for each image is in English and Hebrew. Salo Wittmayer Baron was an American historian of Polish-Austrian Jewish ancestry and the most noted historian of the Jews of his generation.