The Via Dolorosa: Following Jesus in Jerusalem

Walking the streets of the Old City of Jerusalem can be a delightful feast for the senses. The sound of the bustling crowds, shouts of street vendors and the noise of children playing in the alleys can pull the pilgrim’s attention away from the unusual mixture of the sacred and the mundane that are infused into the life of this city. There is no place where this mixture is more profound than the Via Dolorosa – a lively street where pilgrims and shoppers cross paths like to streams that flow, joining together and breaking apart again. Following the pathway of this stone-laden street this booklet can accompany your journey to offer insights into the history of each place, as well as help you understand the development of the whole experience. It is also helpful in recalling that journey when you have already experienced it. The booklet was based on the notes taken from Dr. Smith's guide instruction class for Israeli and Palestinian guides.